We remove all types of viruses, from minor, annoying pop-ups to crippling viruses.

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Professional virus removal service.

Malware and It’s Kind are a Nasty Business

Computer viruses are a large inconvenience for many people. Their effects can range from simply bogging down your computer, to taking over your entire system, they can compromise your personal information, or hijack your e-mail contact list, sending embarrassing messages to your friends, family and business contacts. They can even encrypt your files and charge a ransom to retrieve them (maybe!).

So what can be done? Do you really have to wipe out your entire computer to be rid of that nasty virus? We have the answer.

It’s Us Vs. the Virus

We see computer viruses every day. Some are somewhat harmless and others are downright nasty. Most viruses can be prevented. Here are some tips to help keep you safe:

  1. Download a GOOD antivirus program. Recently, Norton and McAfee Antivirus have been disappointing at best… if you need a good antivirus, we recommend our custom version of Webroot Secure Anywhere. Ask us about it!
  2. Always be wary while on the internet. Pay attention to what you click, and if something seems suspicious, it probably is. Call us before you do something risky, and we can tell you what’s safe and what isn’t.
  3. Clean you temporary files regularly.
  4. If you suspect you have a virus, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER. The more you use it, the more time the virus has to do it’s malicious work. Turn your computer off and call us right away.
  5. If a software is telling you to purchase something for protection, it’s probably a scam… especially if it pretends to be from Microsoft. Call us right away to verify whether what you have on your screen is legitimate.
  6. NEVER let anyone you’ve never met in person take remote control of your computer, even if they say they are from Microsoft and especially if they called you first. Please, always check w/ us to make sure it’s safe. We’ve seen countless people get scammed out of money or their computer disabled because they won’t pay. It’s not worth it.

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