iPhone & Android Assistance in Port Charlotte, FL

iPhone & Android Assistance

Just picked up a snazzy new phone or tablet and want to know how to use it? We can show you how to get your work e-mail on your device, stay in touch by sharing photos or get connected to the cloud! Just ask us! We love helping with new devices!

Allied Technologies:
The Way It Should Be

Allied Technologies was started because of a need for quality tech support from trustworthy people. There was a demand for computer guys who know how to follow through and solve the problems people have with technology.

Allied Technologies of Port Charlotte is a group of regular guys who know computers. And smartphones. And electronics. We know Apple, Windows. Windows 2000 to Windows 10, Windows NT to Server 2016. iOS to Android. We can help you think things through, plan your technology and make your life easier, technically speaking. If you’re looking for a friendly, honest and smart IT company, look no further.


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